Expertise in the live performance industry spanning over 50 years


Andrew Guild has been involved with the production of ballet, circus, classical music, folk dance, ice spectaculars for over 50 years. He chooses to live in Melbourne and is happy to travel to seek out new talents, new thrills and entertainments that will appeal to audiences wherever there are beautiful theatres, magnificent concert halls, spectacular big tops and vast arenas. Andrew worked closely with the Edgley organization as executive producer for tours, such as The Royal Ballet, The Great Moscow Circus, Torvill and Dean, The Bolshoi Ballet and quite literally hundreds of internationally famous attractions.
Andrew’s journey in the world of entertainment started when, as a school boy, he sought out a holiday job by auditioning for the very first Australian production of Lionel Bart’s ground-breaking musical Oliver. A year playing the Artful Dodger, then more juggling of school and theatre work and finally, an invitation to join the Edgley family which saw him take on responsibility for all things Russian.
During Soviet times, Andrew made over 250 visits to Moscow and travelled extensively throughout Russia and the Soviet States. He estimates he has been involved with over 7,000 performers visiting Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as many East Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Andrew speaks Russian, knows the difference between a pas de deux on an Opera House stage and a triple somersault in a Big Top.

He can design a sophisticated lighting rig, act as load master on a semi-trailer, plan marketing campaigns with budgets of millions, or judge at an International Circus Competition.
He chooses to live in Melbourne and is happy to travel to seek out new talents, new thrills and entertainments that will appeal to audiences wherever there are beautiful theatres, magnificent concert halls and spectacular big tops, or, in the case of his latest endeavor – arenas!

In 2014, Andrew, together with this Theatre Tours International partner Simon Bryce, had great joy in presenting the BBC sensation Mrs. Brown Rides Again starring Mrs. Brown’s Boys. The show’s historic success was repeated when Mrs. Brown’s Boys returned in 2016 with a second play – Good Mourning Mrs. Brown.

2017 is already a huge year with a tour of the Great Moscow Circus in South Africa; The St Petersburg Ballet’s sold-out tour in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and Shanghai Ballet performing Derek Deane’s magnificent Swan Lake in Melbourne.



SIMON BRYCE – Chief Executive Office & Chief Financial Officer

Simon Bryce has spent the past 20 years working as a marketing consultant, executive producer and promoter of live entertainment.

He has worked extensively throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, USA , Asia and South Africa.

As a marketing consultant, he has developed and implemented marketing campaigns for many leading entertainment brands, including Hi-5, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Company, STOMP and the Moscow Circus.

Career highlights include marketing the first tour of Madame Tussaud’s in 160 years, which sold over half a million tickets in his hometown of Melbourne, and Michael Edgley’s presentation of the English National Ballet’s arena production of Swan lake which became the highest selling ballet in Australia’s history.

As an executive producer, Simon’s credits include Slava’s Snowshow (New York, Chicago, San Francisco), Too Far to Walk starring Prunella Scales (London), End of the Rainbow starring Caroline O’Connor (Sydney and Edinburgh), Puppetry of the Penis (UK, Australia and the USA) and Les Marionnettes du Penis (France and Switzerland)
He has consulted for a variety of organisations, including the Arts Centre, Melbourne, Cirque eu Soleil, Arts Projects Australia and ThemeSTAR. Whilst in London, Simon was a consultant to Back Row Productions, Out of Joint, Circus Oz and the Arts Council of England.
Simon has collaborated successfully with Emma Powell on Dumped! The Musical We’ve All Been Through and the international touring comedy show Busting Out!

Making his home on an international airline and at airports around the world, Simon has overseen the Great Moscow Circus in South Africa, as well as expanding the company’s activities in Asia and beyond.








LIZZIE COLES – Executive Producer

Prior to joining Theatre Tours International, Lizzie built an impressive resume across the Perth arts sector, working closely with all of Western Australia’s flagship arts companies, including The West Australian Opera and Ballet Symphony Orchestra, Perth International Arts Festival, Black Swan State Theatre and Deckchair Theatre.

A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Lizzie was the Deputy General manager of Australia’s oldest working Edwardian theatre, His Majesty’s Theatre, where career highlights include executive production of highly successfully seasons of Cabaret Soiree, Morning Melodies and Circus Oz and introducing Sir Ian McKellen to bush mistletoe while travelling through Kalgoorlie.

Now based in Melbourne, Lizzie is thrilled to be an Executive Producer with Theatre Tours International and touring the acclaimed St Petersburg Ballet theatre to South Africa.

2016/17 saw Lizzie in the entirely new world of international circus. As Executive Producer of the Great Moscow Circus in South Africa, it’s not just the acrobats doing the somersaults, Lizzie has learned how to juggle the temperaments of circus superstars from Russia and around the world.

Back in Melbourne, Lizzie got out of her spangled circus costume and slipped into her tutu and pointed shoes in readiness for this year’s St Petersburg Ballet Theatre tour.



JORGE RODRIGUEZ – Associate Producer

Joining Theatre Tours International in 2010, Jorge brought with him immense experience from the hospitality and communications industries.

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, his Spanish language skills have seen him spearhead the company’s move into South America.

Jorge has been active in managing the marketing campaigns for a number of the company’s productions most notably for the smash hit show, Busting Out!

In 2016 and 2017, Jorge was also seconded to Theatre Tours International’s Moscow circus tour in South Africa where his talents assisted in bridging the gap between the Russian performers and the programme’s Spanish guests and managing the travel and accommodation needs for 70 people on tour.